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The Upstate Baseball League is slated to open up its second season in August of 2018.  The league offers a full month (August) of games, with team and individual player coverage throughout the season.

This year, players will have the opportunity to choose a PBR Showcase during 2018.   Any player who registers for the Upstate Baseball League will receive a discount code in their registration confirmation to use directly with the PBR.

The league fee for the 2018 Upstate Baseball League will be $375.  See league details below. 


The Upstate Baseball League

The league plays all games during the month of August with tryouts taking place in late July.  The league accepts only individual player registrations and teams are formed through a draft.


Division I:

This division is designed to be a showcase for players who intend to play college baseball in the very near future.  Players in this division will typically fall in grades 10-12; with any 10th graders typically having varsity experience.    

Division II:

This division is designed for the travel level player who aspires to play college baseball in the future.  Typically these players fall in grades 9-10 with advanced 8th graders also accepted.  Players in this division should have an above average skill set, and the desire needed to maintain a path toward a future in college baseball.



The league strives to provide our players with a professional experience, and that includes playing at the finest facilities possible. We will continue to play the majority of games at the University of Rochester and Webster’s Basket Road Field.



Each division includes a tryout, a practice, and 9 regular season games.  The league is built around balance.  Teams typically play 2-3 games per week and with the vast majority of games on weeknights.  This allows families time to enjoy the last few weeks of summer!  The season will be complete before Labor Day weekend.



All players must apply to tryout.   After tryouts, if a player is selected, teams are formed through a draft in an effort to create a competitive balance. Players have the opportunity to participate with players from different schools from all over the region. Players have represented more than 50 different schools.

We believe that in order for players to improve they must play consistantly, therefore rosters in the Upstate Baseball League are relatively small.  Hitters will get consistent at-bats and pitchers will get consistent innings without being over-used.  Our policy is "fair playing time" which means that a player who has a good attitude, is committed, gives 100% effort, and is a good teammate, will earn a similar amount as the rest of the players.  It′s about great competition, getting better, showcasing your skills, and having some fun!



Our coaches are focused on teaching the finer points of the game and developing a fun and competitive atmosphere.  All of our coaches are carefully selected and all share our vision.



We also believe that there must be a balance for players in the summer.  The league is only a 2-3 day per week commitment. This gives families plenty of free time to enjoy August!  


PLAYER COVERAGE (http://www.pickinsplinters.com/):

Pickin’ Splinters will cover the UBL with in-game social media, multi-media, player spotlights, top performers, and game recaps.  



An important feature for players is our use of Pointstreak. This powerful software is used by many collegiate and professional organizations around the country to track detailed stats.  We score games LIVE online at the field and stats and box scores are available instantly.


  • Music between innings
  • PA announcer
  • Jersey and fitted hat
  • League MVP, Slugger, and Pitcher of the Year awards
  • On-field photographer Z’s Photastic